Hey Everyone!

I need some help deciding whether or not to get a brand new guitar or just put new pickups in my current guitar and get it re-set-up.

My current guitar is an Epiphone Special II with all the factory hardware and pickups. If I were to keep this guitar and get it re-set-up, I would put in some Seymour Duncan pickups.

If I were to buy a brand new guitar, I am looking at purchasing a Fender Squier Jagmaster.

My budget is only around $300, so I can't do both options.

The type of music I play mostly is psychedelic rock/blues.

Your opinions are greatly appreciated!

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i would suggest you look at a new guitar, but not the squire, ibanez, esp or schecter would be a good brand to look at
replace the pups!!!

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I had a special II. Id say get a new guitar. THe epis gunna wear out sooner than you think. Dont get the squier tho. Have fun researching.