EY UP! I've got a xbox 360 that I hardly play anymore..

It's basically mint, about a year old, been played around 10 times. It's got a 20 gb hard drive with it, and a wireless controller, hdmi cable, and some other stuff I can't remember. It comes with 7 good games; soul calibur iv, devil may cry 4, assasins creed, naruto, tony hawks project 8, crackdown, tom clancys ghost recon. I'd also throw in 3 original xbox games, too- halo, halo 2, shenmue 2.

I'm willing to sell it or trade it, depending on what you have- give me some offers; but, I'm mainly looking for a new amp (I could throw in some extra cash too, depending).

Anyway, leave a message here or in my message box if you're interested. This thread is also a bit of a feeler, but it depends on whatever I get offered.

Thanks alot!

I can take some pictures on request and if you've got any questions, shoot em.
What kind of price are you looking for?
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Price for soul calibur iv, devil may cry 4, tony hawks project 8? SCiv more so though..
intersted in the console by itself, how much you asking?
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