As the topic says, just a kind of chill kind of dark. C4C as always. The more you write, the more I write in return.

Written for RSE. Make sure you open the correct file as the GP5 is mixed for RSE and the GP4 is mixed for midi.
Damn you have made awesome music! Great bass lines and awesome melodies and drum work! It's not repeative, it's ****ing awesome, you have really done better work that I will be able for next twenty years. Great solo! Loved the "darker" section very much! Outro verse is ****ing awesome!

honestly, 10/10!
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It's great; it sounded a little hectic through my speakers, but I was using RSE for the GP4 one, because the GP5 wouldn't open for me (mine isn't updated as far as yours), so it probably sounds better properly mixed (that sounds really obvious now that I actually say it).

I think for the intro and verse riff on Track 2, it sounds a little better if you replace the dotted-quarter rest with a dead note "chord" on the three lowest strings, and I think you should have left a few more bars at the end, just so the ending chords had time to fade out and everything.

Other than that, I loved it, especially the "Darker" section.
Groovy intro. I love the first verse. This reminds me of a Bruce Lee movie soundtrack. Fantastic stuff at 37. During the random rock part, the guitars kinda lost my interest as I'm not fond of minor pentatonic stuff, however the drums in that section were great, so it held me over until the leadwork resumed. Amazing solo. Not really my style, but i can tell it's very well written. The darker part was great too. Excellent outro riff as well. Damn, I sound like a gushing fanboy, but this really is a great song. 10/10.
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Awesome. Makes me think Jazz combo. I love the mix with all the guitars. The melodies overlaying and the chord progression is nice.

I think the rock break was completely random and doesnt fit at all though. I really, really dont like it within the contest of the song. To simple, not enough going on maybe.

I really love the solo though. The backing is perfect, reminds me of Opeth, nice and dark. And the solo is very well articulated.

Darker is even more Opethian. And again, the lead over it is awesome.

The outro verse is great as well. Seems like this is what the rock break wanted to be, but it just wasnt and didnt fit as well.

So yeah, all in all, I really liked that a lot. Just get rid of that rock part for the love of god, it almost ruins the song.
Very nice , i liked it

but i have to agree with Burning Angel that the rock break doesnt really fit in or doesnt sound "interesting" enough

anyway good job man !
Very laid back and lazy, no doubt. The intro has it's moments, but when those leads kick in, you know it's gotten real.
By that, I mean that your leads are immaculate. As always.

And the rhythm is very propulsive. As down tempo as this piece is, it's very engaging. You have quite a knack for making good music out of anything.

Darker section really caught my ear; reminds me of Megadeth and The Mars Volta.

Overall, very good. Ending was bit unspectacular, but it works.
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Sounds like something Sorskogen would have done.

It seems like you really put attention to every inch of detail on the tracks.

The melodies were great. You really nailed the 'chill' part (the most chill parts were bars 9 -28).

The solos were really trippy. I'd kill to write licks like those. A solo would have been awesome on the random rock break though.

The whole thing's trippy.

Thanks for the positive comments so far.

Just a note on that Rock Break, it's the drums you should be listening to. The guitar parts aren't really supposed to be that interesting, they're just there to kind of set the groove while some drum silliness takes place.

I still owe some people C4C. I've been a little slow lately, not much time to spare and I've injured my wrist. Either way I will eventually get back to you
Pretty cool stuff you got here man. I really like how the intro builds up adding on more layers until the verse starts. I especially like that D7 chord you use, it gives it a much more exotic sound during the verse instead of just using a d minor chord. Excellent phrasing and note choice in the verse. I especially liked your accentuation of the F# over the D7 chord. Section at bar 29 was cool, liked the key change to Em. It had a sadder more melancholic feel to it. Really cool backing chords on the acoustic as well.

Section at bar 37 was a nice contrast to the section before it, it had a happier sort of feel to it with the d major chord. I liked how the key changes flowed to the rock break also. Rock break was nothing fantastic or anything but it was pretty good and fit pretty much perfectly between the section and verse 2.

Verse 2 was awesome butI feel you could have added a fast run or two in there somewhere but that's just a matter of opinion. solo was pretty great too haha. Some awesome phrasing and note choice there as well. cool backing chords as well. the darker section as everyone else has said is absolutely sick. It's got that opethy sort of vibe to it, I love that D# you use. There was some great lead stuff in there as well. Outro verse was perfect where you put it and was a nice way to wrap things up. Overall this was a damn cool song man. nice and chill with a bunch of awesome guitar goodies. Keep the great work man, I love your stuff! Oh, and if you have a chance for c4c, newest song's in bottom of my sig
I've heard this one before, but it's never boring to hear great music. This song has a really groovy rhythm, and the eletric guitar work on verses is really good. My favorite part is the outro riff. Just amazing.

BTW, thanks for the crit on my song.
Cool stuff man. Reminds me slightly of Joe Satch's less shreddy works.
The intro is slightly schematic in the way the instruments are introduced, and those repeated notes in track 2, but all comes together when the lead gets in. Really nice melody and phrasing, this is where I see the Satchiness xD.. well, it is chilling and enjoyable.

The following sections featured a nice enough, slightly jazz-like, part, followed by a rockier (and slightly cheesy, but no biggie, it's part of the chill thing right?) part, both worked well, not much to say... I didn't understand random rock break. You say we should be listening to the drums, but is this like a drum solo? It didn't seem silly enough to me (well yeah, I have a horrid knack for excessively weird things).

Anyway... a new verse, same formula as 1, still works, and then it really starts to shine. The solo and especially the darker part exhibit that bluesy feel that has made so many songs, but it's still so freaking addictive when it's hit right, and it's hit right...

The outro verse striked me as a nice enough idea that ended too soon, just bleh, A5 to finish, I think this deserved a final lead and then a G3-ish free-time improv outro. May be just me though. xD

Overall, nice, with some very good moments in its simplicity.

for c4c purposes, I'd really like you to see Irrelevant (in my sig)... a step away from my usual styles, me thinks. Don't need an essay on it, just a straightforward opinion.
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