I have to ask: HOW?

But on topic, I think the only thing you can do is replace the neck.
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Fix the break.

Go to GB&C, and give 'em pics.

A broken headstock doesn't = dead guitar.
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Pics would help, but if its completly broken off then replacing it would be the easiest and best option.
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It can be fixed but I don't know how expensive it will be. It depends, Choose whatever is cheaper unless your neck is customized like with custom inlays, custom frets, etc. And if you have any problems with a new neck if you decide to get one have it looked at.
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it depends on the nature of the break, if it`s at a oblique angle to the fretboard it`s a easy fix, if it`s perpendicular to the fretboard then you`ve got problems
I repair head stocks and necks quite a bit but I need to see pics of the break.

You would be better off having it repaired by a pro don't try it your self if you have no experience. It's a set neck so replacing the neck wouldn't be cost effective the price of a new neck the work to replace it then set it all up, you could probably just buy a new Epi Dot. I usually charge about $150.00 to repair a clean break more if you want the break to be completely invisible, a lot more if there are several breaks or splintered wood and if the fret board needs replacing or has to be removed and reattached.