ok, i know this kind of thread has been made many a time, but i realy need help.

my friend plays bass and i play guitar (simple enough) and his dad turns 50 soon (also simple). however, they have hired out my local village hall and want me and my friend to play something.... i am really nervous not only because i will be playing to an audience of more than my family at new year (and that was a shambles) but its also a song im not familiar with. and on top of that, i presume my friend thinks i have a good singing voice (from what hes heard from me singing along to kings of leon i suppose) and wants me to sing. the song is jailbreak by thin lizzy. dont get me wrong i love the song..but im not the best at playing it. i have suggested a number of songs that we can both play and he seems oblivious. in other words

IM NERVOUS plz help

EDIT: my 'rig' is a Vintage VS6 and a squire champ 30watt, and maybe a flanger pedal
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If .you. think you could play the sonfs better, practice it, practice t agaian and repeat as according until you feel more confident playing it.

It mght also be worth asking around, be it people you know, other partygoers etc. for someone who may be better at singing the song.

IMO, the best thing to do is be honest with your friend, and get this sorted soon - get a plan of action.

But you're probably better off listening to someone more experienced in the forum.
Record yourself, show people, etc.

Play the guitar and sing to yourself in the mirror.

When playing live, you will notice all the mistakes but the audience rarely knows. unless there musicians thereselfs.
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just practice a ton, until you know the song in your sleep. Try to be as confident in your playing as possible. Also I doubt anyone is going to be very judgmental of your singing at the party.