with my squier strat i have the normal 5 way pick up switch...i know the variations of it but i was wondering about using 2 pickups at a time

it cancels out the hum...while i know that it is not a humbucker is it more like a humbucker than using the single coils. also the bridge and middle and middle and neck do not sound so great...im not sure if it is my guitar (prob is) but do the selections sound more or less equal because the two pick up options do not sound as good as the single pickup options

also i need to play smells like teen spirit tomorrow...would using the bridge or the bridge and the middle be best?
Not at all, its a low end guitar (Just a guess) so the stock pickups are probably shite. Consider upgrading them. But tbh even on squier bullets ive played ive noticed the difference. Neck/middle position is great, very smooth. Bridge/middle i never bothered with. Of course it depends on how adjusted your ear is personally.

I do think that these positions do in theory count as a humbucking mode since they middle pup is reverse wound and reverse polarity. Not 100% though.

I'd say use the bridge, roll the volume down for the cleaner stuff such as intro and the verse to make it a bit less toppy.
ok thanks a lot got my answer
while im not planning on upgrading the pickups yet i think when i get a fender strat ill change one to humbucher