the P4 is pretty damn old by now

you will probably have a very low track count on that machine.
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the P4 is pretty damn old by now

you will probably have a very low track count on that machine.

I can get up to 16 playing back on my old P4 3ghzwith hyperthreading turned on.

to TS, does yours have hyperthreading? I know some of the slower ones don't if it does you should be ok as long as you don't go overboard with VSTs.

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hmm =/ do u know any other alternatives other than dual core then?

You can get a PC with a Core Duo pretty cheap nowadays man.
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well i didnt even get the computer yet lol just doing some research...what is hyperthreading?

It basically just lets you handle more task simultaneously with your processor, but I would imagine that any processor you get nowadays would most likely support it.

If you can afford it, and if Cubase supports it, a quad core is always a good way to go for creative programs, as they're usually pretty CPU intensive. The 2.6 P4 would work, but don't expect to do much else on your computer while Cubase is running as it sounds like it will take up most of your resources.

Btw, are you building or buying a pre-built computer?
Go dual core if you haven't bought yet.

When I went from a 2.6ghz athlon to a 2.0ghz core2duo it was like night and day.

Edit: Not that you cant record with a p4.. it's just not as free and easy.
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i'm sure it'll be fine. i was recording on a 700 mhz P3 up until a few years ago :P

but really, just get the best you can afford. if you can swing even up to a quad.. go for it. it'll save you needing to upgrade later on if and when you need to expand later on down the road.

however, at this time, i'm unsure if recording programs utilize more than 2 cores effectively. I know most of the PC gaming i enjoy is unable to utilize more than 2 cores rendering My own phenom II only halfway realized! BUT, better utilization for for quads and up will only become better and more common.. so getting a quad now would still likely be a good investment.
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if you havent bought the computer yet, there shouldnt be any reason to shy away from a dual core system. i bought a computer about 3 weeks ago and almost everything i saw in stores either was dual or quad core. there were good desktop towers for $4-500 with 2.6 GHz dual cores. heck, you can even pick up quad core systems online for less than that if you dont mind a refurbished machine. so while you can probably get cubase to run on a single 2.6 GHz processor, these days the machines with the specs to run it the way it wants to run arent out of reach for most people.