Hey guys, had my first bash at recording today. I bought a boss br900 off ebay, so it came today, and thats all i've been doing since i got in from work!

The song is Fight For Me, the other two on the player I recorded with some student, not the best! I'm waiting to get back four songs from my mate who is a sound engineer, so when i get them, i'll start adding folk haha

anyway, i recorded the acoustic (yamaha apx700) guitar and vocals with a sm58, the electric guitar was a di'd michael kelly patriot custom with a cool effect i found on the boss br.

anyway, let me know what you think. i think the levels are roughly decent enough, but any input would be appreciated. thanks!


Gear :

Michael Kelly Patriot Custom
Fender Strat HH MIM
Musicman Sub1
Eko Ranger
Yamaha APX 700
Ibanez EW
Marshall AVT Tribute 100w head
Framus 2x12 cab
Roland Cube 30
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