I hope this is the right spot for this thread.

Anyway I bring my acoustic to work everyday, and I'm concerned about my guitar being in the freezing weather during the 15 minute walk to and from work. Would it cause any damage? I have a soft gig bag, I don't know if that makes any difference or not. Would I just have to tune it down or something? Or should I not bring it altogether?
15 minutes a day shouldn't make ANY difference..

i think xD
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15 min shouldn't be long enough to do anything bad to it. just make sure its in tune b4 u do anything with it. however dont let iit sit in the cold for long periods of time inn the cold
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if the bag is well padded, it should protect the guitar from the cold for 15 minutes - just like you wearing a padded jacket. if your bag isn't padded, why not get a padded bag?
Sweet, thanks for the quick responses guys. The bag is padded pretty well, way better than my classical bag anyway. I think I'll keep bringing it, work is way too much of a drag without it.
I agree with all your exellent advise , but i always let my axe get use to the new temp.
15 Minutes isn't too long...assuming you don't live on Pluto (the explanet) or something like that, your guitar should be fine in it's gig bag; You should probably get a hardcase though (or a hard-foam case; it has the carriability of a gig bag, but the protection of a hardshell case. Really the best of both worlds).

But if by some offchance you see damage or whatever, I'd let it be.
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