Hi, I'm the leader of my band 'Black Squire'. We are a 3 piece band, I'm the singer/guitarist. Anyway...my bass player always looks so bored when we play. Like he doesnt care. I know most bass players dont always look like there having fun but my bass player uses his thumbs to push the frets sometimes or plays his bass like a 'table' guitar.
All the songs I write have easy bass in them but I told him that he could change it if he wanted but he didnt.
So my question is.....What do I do?

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Either stress that he can write the bass lines or kick him out, cause it sounds like he doesn't want to be there.
As long as he can play the bass, it's all good.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
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Play a Rancid cover. Then he'll beg you to go back to being bored.

I forgot that Matt Freeman is the only good bass player ever. But tell your bass player to put his excess concentration into stage energy. Have him jump around and be super entertaining and urge him to play more complicated bass lines.
Between the Buried and Me is ****en terrible tell him to learn some Victor Wooten or Racer X they ****en rule
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Between the Buried and Me is ****en terrible tell him to learn some Victor Wooten or Racer X they ****en rule

your fuken terrible Just cause you dont like BTBAM you dont need to give them shit those guys have serious skill
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Perhaps you should encourage him to play some things that arent just root note basslines, listen to some artists who really can play the bass guitar. I recommend introducing him to some Rush, Cliff-era Metallica, and Yes. He's not ready for stanley clarke. HES NOT READY
Well... help him change his parts I guess. He might be motivated to change them further once you gave him the right motivation.

Maybe check out some crazy funk and disco patterns that might spark his interest. Hop eit work sout for you guys though.
If he's still playing then he probably still cares.

Just try and make the bass lines more difficult.
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Between the Buried and Me is ****en terrible tell him to learn some Victor Wooten or Racer X they ****en rule

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If a bassline is easy, I find it's a lot easier to flip out while playing. It's so much harder just to stand there starin' off if I am playing root notes. Ask him why he's not enjoying himself. Because he's not.
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Try and get on bigger stages. Battles of the Bands, etc.. I know I kick myself up at least ten notches in terms of stage presence when there are more people to play for. Also, remind him that people go to SEE a band, not to hear them. If the bass line suits the song, he can suck it up and play it and look like he's enjoying it. It's not his duty as the bass player to entertain himself, it's his duty to support the song.

EDIT: Also, if he's only doing this at practice, don't stress about it. I never put the same energy I put into performances into practices, there's just no point.
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I say write better basslines, or maybe don't write a bassline at all, just show him what you've got going on, throw him some ideas, and see what he comes up with. you could also try writing a song that has some parts where the bass really stands out, make the bassline interesting and have the guitars playing something really simple to give him the light.