Ok, Ive been digging this girl for quite some time now and for a while i know she digged me right back. Unfortunately i am the really shy type and always miss my chance whenever it presents itself So F*%& fym life. I finally racked up the guts to really ask her out. She says yeah.

Turns out she goes to the same campus for night school as this guy i jam with on the streets of downtown and have been good friends with for a while. He knows ive been digging her for weeks. He talks to her (That day after he claims He was trying to put in a good word for me which i was against him doing) but they start talking then texting then conversing all in that one night. I realize yeah i probably waited way too long to expect anything good on my part, but is this not a dick move?

He keeps trying to say I'm one of his best friends and he doesn't want anything to come between that. I still feel like socking him in the face. When i dig a girl, I only have eyes for that one girl. So im F*&%ed.

I understand My chance is gone and I'm gonna have to try and forget her before i tear myself up on the inside(Even though she sits right across from me in anatomy, but what do i do about him?

P.S. I also realize, people who put there personal issues in the pit are usually douches but I what else am i suppose to do?.
Dude, if you like her that much, talk to her, tell her how you feel.

Could work

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Dude, if you like her that much, talk to her, tell her how you feel.

Could work

no it won't
Kill the guy that's going after your girl. Problem solved.

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I would have said that i were done with my friendship with that so called "friend".
Being the shy type myself i also know how painfull it can be to see that the chance is gone and if he were really your friend he wouldn't have stabbed you in the back like that.
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She said yes to going out with you, then he talks to her and she backs off? What?
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If you don't take your opportunities and pussy-foot around then yeah, it is totally your fault, and he is justified in going after her. What is she meant to do - put her life on hold while you work up the courage?

And don't 'only have eyes' for one girl. That's self-defeating behaviour. It's like a disease.
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Sounds like you're giving up pretty easily. If you like/love her, then she is worth risking everything for. GO GET HER!!!!!
Correct me if i'm wrong, but he hasn't actually done anything wrong has he? All he's doing is talking to a girl you asked out.

Don't be so insecure, girls don't like jealous guys.
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anyways your only obvious choice is to dress a guy up as a girl and make her extrememely jealous