I'm 16, juinor in high school. I plan on additioning for Berklee next year. I came to realize that I should start to really work at it if I want a chance to be accepted. Not that I haven't been, just I know I haven't work as hard as I should. My problem, regarding practicing, is that I start off strong but I'm never consistant. What I mean by that is I'll practice how I should be practicing for a couple of days then their would be days where I just mess around or just not play guitar at all. Any ideas on how to change that? Also when I plan on playing guitar, most of the time I get distracted (I probably should spend less time on here ) I really do have a passion for guitar dispite all the things I've said. Thanks for any help
This does not sound like a musical technique to me. It is a question about study habits.

Just do it.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.