When Doing the Flamenco tremolo style of finger picking, On any scale or Multiple note per string run, You start with your pinky (P), then to you ring (A), Then middle(M), and then Index(I). Do you always go PAMI when Playing the style Correctly? As in on any run, you always start with your pinky, then go to your Index and repeat?


Or Do you follow the pattern of what your Picking?


Is it always Right hand PAMI or Do you follow what your picking? I see the proffesionals Doing Always PAMI, but I always get screwed up with it... Help?
P is your thumb, homie. Not your pinky. I'm fairly sure they do it P I A M I, not P A M I.

Edit - Let it be noted that I'm hardly an expert. If anyone else has more experience, feel free to correct me.
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P is your thumb, homie. Not your pinky. I'm fairly sure they do it P I A M I, not P A M I.


It also depends on the piece. I was taught to alternate I M most of the time, and throw in the A for sequences like you posted. It would all depend on what finger you started with, but for that I'd go either all thumb or no thumb.

Another thing though is you have those on the E A and D. I know a couple people who only play E and A with their thumb. Like ridiculously fast. Then for D it's usually thumb but the guy I know who plays flamenco would keep his right hand for G B and thin E. I'm sure you could get good if you went I A M on that. No reason not to practice it the other way too, otherwise you're just gonna train your fingers to start that stuff only on I. so do M I A and A I M and blah blah blah.

I don't know about you but I feel way more comfortable moving right to left with my right hand. So A M I, M I A and I A M. That's just preference though.
When trying to do a Four note Sequence, like this, With a Left hand finger per note...


I see the Proffesionals usually go Pinky, Ring, Middle, Index, on the right hand and I find that VERY difficult to do. Im getting better at it, but When doing the kind of Finger flutter tremolo, when not using your thumb, Do you Always go Pinky, Ring, Middle, Index?
Yes, P = pulgar, Spanish for thumb. What you're thinking of is called a rasgueado. It's a hard downstroke motion with with pinky - A - M - I in that order, but it's only used on chords, not scale passages. Rasgueados are pretty much the only time you use your pinky in classical/flamenco.

Edit: You CAN use I - M - A - M or I - M - A - I for 4 note sequences, but it's usually easier and faster to just use I - M - I - M. Same for 3 note sequences, usually just I - M - I.

P = Pulgar or thumb
I = Indice or index finger
M = Medio or middle finger
A = Anular or ring finger
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