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A friend of mine has some mid-90s Fender hybrid combo amplifier with a tube pre-amp stage. (Sorry, can't remember the exact model ) He played it the other day and tested how loud it can go using the clean channel.

Now, the amplifier turns on regularly. No hum, no buzz. But there is no audible output present. He says that he can hear it faintly if the volume knob is turned to maximum.

In these kind of cases, which components fail, any hints?

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Quote by 311ZOSOVHJH
I'd look to replacing a preamp tube. Easy, 10 bucks and he could use an extra one anyway.

(assuming everything else is the same...guitar, cables, power etc)

Low volume? The V1 tube is probably going (if he's got an amp with more than 1 preamp tube).

However, since 1 preamp tube is going... chances are the rest will be going soon too. Might as well replace all the preamp tubes at the same time.
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