How much do you LOVE Skillet?

I love Skillet because i have all their albums on CD and MP3. Also, because I listen to them 24/7!!! I can also play most of their songs!
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guys i'm not bashing Skillet here,


Has anyone else noticed that "Monster" is an insanely blatant rip-off of TDG's "Animal I Have Become"
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It's okay because whatever, forever
It's definitely similar.

But I liked monster better, so at least they improved on the song they're taking.

I like that monster song, havent heard anything else from them.

What do you guys recommend I check out by them?
I don't know what it is about Monster, although Skillet is ok, I REALLY hate that song, it was too, idk. It sounded like I was listening to modern Papa Roach, the lyrics just didn't have any heart. That's just my opinion
there new album really sucks compared to comatose... they sound like nickelback now.... monsters a decent song though.
I am a HUGE Skillet fan. I like everything by them, but Alien Youth and Collide are my favorite albums, along with Comatose Comes Alive.
the new album was dissapointing at first, but then i started to love it. collide is sill my favorite album by them though. but collide comatose and awake are all good
I LOVE SKILLET! I ear tabbed Comatose on Guitar and Bass. I dont think Monster is THAT similar to Animal I have become