I know everybody likely posts millions of these "what guitar is best for me" threads....so heres another one!

Anyway down to buisness. I do not have a guitar centre or any music stores with any substantial stock so trying out guitars is hard to do so ill describe what I like. My budget is 1200 CANADIAN. I played a friends 255 razorback and fell in love, I LOVE the neck on this guitar, something about makes my playing cleaner and easier. However, I doubt I can get my hands on one of these babys (ordering guitars in is expensive)

Additional Info - I play music mostly ranging from Tool-Metallica-Slayer-Death-Pantera

I'm coming from an Epiphone Korina 58 V

Thank you all for your time!!
Even if someone could suggest some brands to look at with similar neck styles to Dean that would be helpful
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I'd say go for an ESP...I know Metallica endorses them and they are great guitars.

Yes ESP. Go for the MH series.
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Whats your current set up, and I guess you don't mind medium sized necks so I say a Schecter C-1