I'm in search of a new amp as my current one isnt satisfying me.
I'm bassically looking for a two channel amp(footswitchable) with nice cleans and a nice OD. I play mostly classic rock type music. I've been looking at the Hot Rod Deluxe but I hear mixed reviews and things like the reverb sounds digital and the OD is bland and flat. I've listened to some demos and it sounds pretty nice but I will have to try it first. I want to know if this is the best choice for me, or is there something better.

Price limit is about $800, I know that might really limit my choices but w/e.

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I don't like the Hot Rod Deluxe, personally.

If you can go used, you can probably find a Peavey VTM that'll cover your needs. Or a Vox AC50CPH/CP2
i'm a big fan of the Peavey Classic 30. sounds about right for you. it's at least worth checking out.
traynor ycv? the 40, from what i can remember, is more or less like an HRD with an overdrive channel you can actually use. the 50 is supposedly more marshally, and would be worth a look too, but I haven't tried it.
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The classic 30 with a speaker swap.
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