So I just got back from a gig, and well. Everyone said they liked it, but I could not hear myself sing. How do you guys get used to this? I mean if I could hear myself I would've definitely done a whole lot better.

Any tips?

I sing and play acoustic guitar in my church every Sunday, and it's definitely a lot better when the vocal channel is turned up in the monitors, or at least in your monitor. Some professionals use in-ear monitors, but I doubt you've got that much money to throw around.
Usually there are stage monitors that feed back whatever is coming from your guitar or your microphone right towards you. You probably didn't ask for more of your vocals in your monitor, next time before you play, do a proper sound check to make sure you can hear yourself as well as everyone else so that you can play tight and in sync. The sound guy is there to help you; it's his job, so take advantage of everything you can to make yourself sound the best possible.
Ah alright. Well it wasn't really a professional gig or anything. Just a coffee house little band, and no one really knew how to work the PA

thanks for the advice