Hey guys

Im trying to find bands, with a dark psychadelic style.

I cant find any.

Im looking for music similar to this artist


It would be cool if u guys can help me compile a list of bands that suit that particular style

awesome thnks - im on it

aswell as indivdual songs that relate to that particluar style
yeah i know

but i really like her style of music and she puts it in her own way-

so im guessin female singers with dark psychadelic music


i know its covers but its a different style to the originals
I guess My favorite is Right In Two - by Tool
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Early Porcupine Tree and a few selections from their newer stuff.
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Early Porcupine Tree and a few selections from their newer stuff.

This. Also, the darker songs tend to be from their newer material. Sleep Together is a prime (and badass) example.
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Didn't check out your link but try The Rose Kemp and Invasion
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