i think i made this topic a long time ago.. well here is it..

I Just made an Observation.. Does Santa Clause real or fake.?
there are more questions linger in my mind..
Well, If Santa clause does live long enough? iS Santa Clause is more than 700 years old or what? and many questions you like ask..

But i dont want to be rude... when i was kid.. i always give letter to Santa Clause at the mall to give me a present. and he did.. But when i have grown and deal with grown up matters, my mom did tell me that Santa Clause is real.. and that Santa Clause is God one and the same person.. because in my Christmas list i wish that i had a new baby brother or Sister.. but it didnt came.. always a year.. it didnt came.

Do you know Why God is Santa Clause?
God is giving us many special gifts to us..
so he works in a mysterious way like you had a salary increase this year form your BOss, something like that i suppose, yeah we picture Santa Clause is big and a White haired beard man..

For the Fact i know Santa Clause and God is the same..
i dont want to be rude.. i just want to tell you guys everything i know..
i forgot.. im a philosopher taking up the course philosophy.. guys please dont take this seriously.. i hope.. well what do you think..

if you have Questions please feel free to ask no harsh comments.. i just want your opinion about it.. im ready to answer it.. thanks
Are you from an English speaking country?
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The Holy Quadrinity: Jesus, God, The Holy Ghost and Santa Claus.

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i forgot.. im a philosopher taking up the course philosophy.. guys please dont take this seriously.. i hope.. well what do you think..

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Wow Santa Clause and God are one obvious troll is obvious. Also...
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