At my school teriyaki chicken and rice was the lunch today. It's one of the few items the cafeteria serves that isn't completely disgusting. So I bought it. It's served in one of those cute little take-out boxes. During lunch, there were several booths set up in a wide corridor. There were students in those booths presenting to other students. I was suppose to be in one of those booths, but I'm a delinquent so I was not invited to present for a grade. I finished all of the chicken. I hate eating just the rice. I really do. So I threw the rice indiscriminately towards the crowd and sat down on the floor.

After I sat down, Mr. Garcia asked me why I did that. I told him I was mad. He escorted me to the office, and rightfully so. Mr. Garcia is a nice guy, he really is. Anyways, I feel bad. I really do. But the last year or so has been really hard for me. It really has. I don't want to talk about the details of it but trust me when I say it has. I know you probably think I was just doing my best Holden Caulfield impression, but I wasn't. I regret what I did.
Thanks for sharing.
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The time I fell on my face on a trampoline and cracked my neck, then proceded to run around the yard in a blind panic screaming "I hope I'm not paralyzed! OH GOD I THINK I'M PARALYZED!"

uhm, wtf is this? u sound like a 10yr old in this. and i actually got the reference lol. just read catcher in the rye last year. but that was stupid....srry.

"Now I think I understand how this world can overcome a man..."

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Angst, it'll get ya.

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dwelling on past mishaps is for the weak. you must stride into the future, unabashed and prepared to fuck up yet again.