Starting up an online Death metal band.

Currently looking everything but a vocalist. I want to do a wide range of things, but we'll start by just covering Blinded By Fear (Melodic Death but oh well). All you need is a decent means of recording yourself and talent and BOOM, you're in.
Quote by recklessnick
but my fav tech deathcore band is actually emmure. i'd never be able to play **** like that in a million years seriously.
yh im intrstd. the riffs on my profile wer recorded a year ago on a mic, but the planet caravan is rcrdd on my UX2 recently much beter quality.
Im more intrstd in olschool death metal: obituary, death, morbid angel.
shud be able to do the cover. Im more of a rhythm player.
should be able todo the cover.
nice vocals btw.