In a tech article on pickup swapping I was reading on the site, it said to use industry standard 60/40 rosin core, but when looking for some at Home Dopt, they had two sizes.

A 1/8th inch and 1/16th inch.

Which is better, or does it really matter?
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1/8th is bigger, 1/16th is smaller, I use 1/8th, but I've had elctronics classes(3 of them )

Prefference is all it is.
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doesn't matter. It's all preference. Same with wire thickness and solid core or frayed, etc.
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Just get both. You'll find that you work better with certain sizes and mixtures. I've got a few rolls of solder lying around, my favorites are Wonder Solder and 63/37 rosin core leaded. The 63/37 is instant in hardening and cooling while you have a a second or two with 60/40. Make sure you don't get unleaded, that shit is really hard to work with. And you wanna make sure the stuff you buy at Home Depot isn't acid core. That'll ruin all of your components.
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