Not sure which category this belongs in... so I'm posting in here, the indie one and the rock one..
I made an ep in my basement with a guitar/keys/drums/my voice and didn't know if the quality of the songs and recording was that good to share or not.. I know it's all garbled and distorted, but I'm really in love with it and didn't know if it's just my sentimental attachment to it or not, or if it was really something 'unique' and worth trying to share.. What do you think?
(It's these five songs: myspace.com/weakness)
Sounds like Wavves kinda. If you love it, share it. That's my opinion anyway.
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if you took the time to write something and want to have other people hear it then that ticks both boxes.
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I sometimes like the sound of crappy recordings. It wasn't really in the same style as him but your songs sound kind of like Billy Childish.
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don't post the same thread in multiple forums.

And if you need an answer to the question: "should I share this even though the sound quality is sub-par," don't post it in the Punk forum.