i just have some questions on a POD 2.0, before i start. ima complete newbie

can i use the POD to make my computer an amp? i.e. plug it in etc etc and then the sound will amplify out of my speakers when i play? and if not, what exactly does it do?
is it just for recording or something..
because i need to get a new amp since mine isnt very good imo, and i can get a POD 2.0 off eBay for about $250-$300 AU

so itd work if i plug it into my amp?
and im still fairly new to guitar as is, so would you still recommend the X3?
dude pod through normal computer speaker ( small altec lansing , logitech etc.. ) doesnt sound great at all . youll need as state before some studio monitor ... and good one can cost easily 500 $ .. then youll get a great sound . forget about great sound out of 1 inch tweeter .

i have a behringer v-amp 2 .. which is the almost same thing as the pod (and cheaper also ...) .. and it sound best through headphone . i havent done any recording with the v-amp so i cant tell you yet .

forget about getting a big sound out of computer speaker .

im pretty sure headphone is the way to go . pod into headphone ... no need to plug it on your computer .

whats your amp right now ??? and what sound are you trying to achieve ??

i would say stick with your amp .. and save more and buy a good amp ... that will be an improvement .
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All multifx with amp/cab simulations can be used to play through computer speakers. I use a GNX4 through my Bose Companion computer speakers at work. Those AU prices kill me. I just bought a used Pod XT off craigslist for $80.