After putting this in all the wrong categories, I FINALLY found the 'recording' section on UG's community..

I made a little ep in my basement with guitar/keys/drums/my voice and didn't know if the quality of the songs and recording was that good to share or not.. I know it's all garbled and distorted, but I'm really in love with it and didn't know if it's just my sentimental attachment to it or not, or if it was really something 'unique' and worth trying to share.. What do you think?
(It's these five songs: myspace.com/weakness)
definetely an interesting sound. i didn't dig "faster" or "fame" at all, but "pig pen" definetely had an awkward sound about it that kinda worked and almost sounded intentional. i liked it.
It's unique alright. It sounds like garage to the nth degree. It's not and aesthetic I personally like, I think you could do better since the material as such isn't bad, it's just the recording/mixing that's, well, awful. I say your attachment is purely sentimental and that you should re-record it. Then you save this version for the career retrospective box set.
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alright, I think the consensus is to re-record it better.. (I just didn't know if the songs were worth re-recording) So I'll go ahead and do that!
Thanks so much for taking the time to listen and tell me what you thought.