2. EDWARDS ESP E-LP-112LTS Jimmy Page SuperCircuit
I am currently looking at these 2 different Edwards LP models trying to look for a more blues/rock tone and as a way to treat myself to an early Christmas. Anyway, I've been looking at the Edwards models and they seem to get very good reviews by lots of members and wondered if anybody could answer some questions I had.

Can anybody vouch for the tone of either of these guitars? I'm not sure what the exact model # is for the 1st one but I think it's an E-LP-92SD based on the stats he posted and the link on the ESP Edwards site. Heard good things about them and from what I've seen on youtube they seem to be pretty similar to the real deal. The 2nd one I'm a bit more skeptical about considering there's no serial #. Sent a message to the seller, but he hasn't responded yet.

What's a typical range for Edwards? I see them going from anywhere around $900 to $1600 new. Both of the above are used so both seem to be pretty decent deals. 1st one gives you a case along with it so naturally I'm leaning towards that one and it's cheaper. "Best Offer" can mean maybe even a better deal, but at worst case I know that I'm going to $700 + $45 shipping.

Let me hear your thoughts and how you came up with them. The biggest problem I'm facing is that I can't find any major retailers that sell these so I can't test them out before forking over cash.

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I own an Edwards E-LP-92CD and it's awesome, i use it for blues/rock and metal and it works really well. It isn't as warm as a proper LP or ESP but definitely has a nice crunch to it, and you can get some really great tones out of it. Also my edwards has the lowest action i've ever had on a guitar, makes it a real dream to play. I grabbed mine off ebay too, didn't have any dealers around me who stock Edwards (as far as i know b-music is the only dealer in australia) so i was buying mine blind but believe me you won't be disapointed. Another thing to remember is that Edwards LP's are full thickness like Gibson LP's, if you haven't played a full thickness LP i suggest you play one of those first before you take the dive.

That being said, i've owned mine for about 2.5 years now and i've had some problems with it like the toggle switch and input jack breaking as well as having a few of the knobs lose grip and fall off the pots but those are small inexpensive replacements. All in all Edwards are awesome guitars and i'd highly suggest one if you're in the market for one, just know that some of the parts over time may need replacing.
Well, for the prices they are asking I wouldn't touch an Edwards. I do not have much experience with them but the few I have seen and played were mediocre at best. I can pick up a used Gibson LP between $700 and $1000 bucks. You don't want to buy a guitar you can't try especially something like that for that price.

you'd want to replace the JB for blues rock. And I think the jimmy page one has a custom, which would also ideally be replaced for blues rock.

the JP one should have the nitro finish too, if that's important (might be nitro over poly).
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