My band is going to start recording in the next few weeks and i need some tips on micing my 6505+. Im running it into a B-52 Stealth series LG 4-12V cab (Surprisingly sounds really good). I know different mics and placements give different sounds, but how will puting it in the center sound compaired to the speakers edge. I just need general tips for micing, where to start, what kinds of mics to use, and specific tips for recording the 6505+. all help is greatly appreciated.
since you have a 6505 I'm going to assume that you are doing metal or at least heavy rock, sort of the basic standard is to use a Sure Sm57 on axis very close to the cone. You should actually pick up this months issue of Sound on Sound as they have a great article on metal production techniques.
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General up and running tone would be getting a 57 and placing it on axis into the cone of the speaker at a distance of about 6 inches from the cone itself (not the grill).

Of course experiment though, find out what speaker sounds the best (the do differ) and after you've found the best speaker try to find its sweet spot by experimenting.