Well, my friend has just recently installed a pair of emg pickups (81. 85). It took around 3 attempts in making the guitar work. Heres the problem:

My emg 81 doesnt have alot of distortion. Theres is a good amount when strumming chords but there is almost no distortion when palm muting. Also, the real audible difference is when playing clean. The neck is pickup is much much louder than the bridge pickup.

Anyone know how i can fix this?
pluged in backwards? i've heard thats a common problem...
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You deserved this, Matt.
raise the pickup height?
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Yeah, quick connector on back of pickup backwards or input jack no fully engaged. Probably the first if the neck pup is fine.
it might be faulty?
retern it for a new one, if thats posible.
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You deserved this, Matt.
Because 2 in a row couldn't possibly have faults?

EDIT: It's beginning to sound like you should've gotten someone that knows what they're doing to install them.
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He knows what hes doing. He has built many guitars in his lifetime. Including ones with active EMG's... I'll just contact emg again.
See if there's something wrong with the pickup selector. I've had this problem before, but with different pickups, so I dunno really.
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