I've been playing guitar for 4 years now, I have a squire strat and I have only had guitars with pickguards on them.
If I was to get a new guitar with the pickups mounted in the body of the guitar does that change the sound at all - and can you adjust the height and everything? (I have seen some basses that you cant)

Thanks for any advice you can give
I must admit that I can't specifically answer on the sound question. I expect that it will add a little sustain if yu take wo very similar moels one with one with out pickguard. quite simply because the amound of wood taken from the guitar is a little smaller. Normally you can change the hight etc of the pup's. Just look at the "frame" around them that is the pickup mount. The four screws in the courners are what keep that to the guitar and the (normally) two screws in the middl of the frame are what attach the pup to the frame. these are also the screws you adjust to change the hight.
You can adjust the height on them yeah. As far as sound goes though it will depend more on what the guitar is made from and how the neck is mounted etc. If there is a difference between pickguards/no pickguards it will be a very slight difference that you'll have to have a very good amp and a developed ear to hear it.
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