Hey guys, I have been playing guitar for a while now but dont hyave any pedals so I am going to make the investment and do it now. My budget is about $250 AU and I mostly play Hard/Classic rock (gear in signature). I desperately want a wah wah pedal too, so I was looking at something like this. Oh yeh, also I wont be gigging.
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Well a wah wah, would be a great Idea, for the style you want to play =).
If you say you don't have any pedals as of yet it might be an idea to get one or two simple ones and not a multi effect. I personnaly don't like those at all^^. It'll just teach you to get used to the various effects, let you experiment with the order n your chain and they probably sound better than the various effects in an "I can do all" pedal.
yeh i was thinking of getting this , at it would fit in with like a 70s rock sound, thoughts?
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mhm. Hard to say. Behringer have a bad reputation, but my experience so far has been that you get acceptable equipment, especially for what you pay. The good thing about the stomp is, that it has a valve in it. you tend to be able to change theese, which should improve sound. just watch out it isn't designed to be a pre amp, otherwse hooking it up infront of your amp would probably destroy the amp

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pco7XABOX-A have a look at that pedal. I'll let you searh for prices online yourself, as I don't know where you would want to arder/buy
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I have the Boss OS-2, which does both distortion and overdrive. It's really cool for song with both clean and distorted parts. The overdrive can bring you a nice bluesy tone or some AC/DC-type of crunch. The distortion does not really allow you play hi-gain metal, but since you play classic hard rock, it should suit you nicely for the solos.
The good thing is that you can blend the amount of OD and Dist, to give you any type of sound between blues and metal (again, don't expect to play death metal or thrash with it). And it's pretty affordable. I'm not sure about the exchange rate between € or US$ and AU$, but I'm quite positive you'll be able to get one.
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Here's some stuff to think about
Dunlop Crybaby GBC-95, while it's not the best wah it's pretty good and easily upgradeable
Vox V87a, Very nice wah but can struggle with a distorted sound

Blackstar HT-Dist, awesome pedal I loved mine
Boss DS-1, very widely used try it and see what you think
Catalianbread Dirty Little Secret, sounds like a Marshall overdriving

Fulltone OCD, awesome overdrive pedal
Ibanez Tubescreamer, pretty much the first word in overdrive
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^Not much point in getting an overdrive with a solid state vox.

The better solution would be a new amp, but f you dont want one look into the above

also the Ibanez WHO10v2 reissue

wouldnt reccomend the vox wah if you're trying to get that kinda slashy wahy lead tone, it's built for clean stuff and light OD.

for distortion ProCo rat has a good sound, electro harmonix big muff (bit of a fuzz pedal, but its still a classic sound), barber dirty bomb good all rounder from classic rock to metal, m i audio crunch box, pretty much marshall tone in a box.

I wouldnt bother with behringer stuff, except maybe the vintage EHX rip offs, i heard good things about them. But behringer aren't very reliable nor do they provide with great tone.

If you want multi effects I reccomend the vox tonelab or line 6 floor pod.