Hey fellas,

I have a Fender Blues Deluxe, and I replaced the tubes about a month ago, because the power had severely dropped, less than half the volume it had. I figured the power tubes were probably worn out, even though I only had them for about half a year.
So i replaced the (stock) tubes, preamp and power amp, and now one month later, the same problem occurs again, the power has started to drop since i replaced them.

I highly doubt they're worn out again because I haven't used the amp much lately and not at high volume either.
What could be the problem ?

Many thanks
That sounds awfully odd.

If it is under warranty I'd let Fender help you out.
If it is not under warranty it may be worth the money to have an amp tech give it a once over.

Could be a capacitor issue, bias issue, phase inverter, house power, bad output transformer, who knows. If a power tube was not seated all the way in or the tubes are not biased correctly - that could cause an issue like you are describing. I'm not an amp tech tho.

I'd find a reputable amp tech and get all of his costs up front and put a cap on it or get an estimate. It will probably be $40 for the first hour, and good tech can probably narrow some things down within that time period.


Also, email Fender customer service or ask someone on the fender.com forums.