well im only a kid and i just had my first guitar tech job at a small festival dealy

was tuning and setting shiz up for my friend...but all was not well

6 tuners, either broken or devoid of batteries, one of the power tubes in my friends plexi blew, the other guitarist stamped on his TS9 to hard and broke it and in the process killed his signal to the amp. And the microphones kept breaking for lack of a better word

all round perfect way to finish my first gig as a guitar tech

pit tell me ur guitar tech horror stories, share ur pain
cool story bro
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cool story bro


On Topic: When I was a noobie my guitar amp broke
I used to have a very complex pedalboard with all the wores going under in a fashion that they couldn't be accessed. So when my signal cut out in a gig i was screwed!
One time.. I took my strat to a local store to get the trussrod adjusted... just the the trussrod I said... I got it back and he'd decided to give it a full set up. A terrible setup. He lowered the strings to the point that all of the strings were all buzzing very badly and he took a straight file and filed all of the frets under the A string (a straight file, not a fret file. the frets were incredibly rough, beyond the point of playable). I had to take it to someone else just to fix that mans misworkings...
And all i asked for was a trussrod adjustment.. =(
I mainly tech for a low budget bar, in which everything is constantly on the brink, but i think 2 of the main speakers catching fire during one show was the worst it's got. That and when i was helping out at a zutons gig, remarking to one of their long term roadies that i preferred the winehouse version of valerie...