Hello, I am a fairly new UG member and have been experiencing terrible amp buzzing.
I figured I'd ask you guys before I take it to an expert.

First off, I'm using an old Acoustic G60T tube amp, a B.C. Rich Bloodbound WarBeast, and a pedal board with an Original Dunlop Crybaby, a Hardwire TL-2 Metal Distortion, a Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator, and an Ibanez CF7 Chorus/Flanger.

I have tested ALL the wires and pedals on their own, as well as just the guitar with the amp.

I have not had this problem until a month or two ago.

Please help.

Thank you
Oh, and a side note.
I have read a few threads about amp buzz on this forum, but have not found one that seems to match my problem.
Well, the first problem I see is that you are trying to play metal through an amp designed for acoustic guitar. It was never designed to handel distortion, so you might have jacked something with the amp itself.

Or, more hopefully, its the ground wire on your guitar that is loose.

Two questions, does your amp buzz when you run distortion, or when its on clean?
Two, do you have any kind of electronics running nearby other than the amp that could affect the signel?
The amp buzzes on all settings.

It was not made specifically for an acoustic, because it has a distortion setting on the amp.
And I do not believe that it is electronic interference, because it is a constant, from when I turn it on to when I turn it off, buzz.

I have tried all the components of my setup individually, and even with another amp. And the buzzing still continues.

It seems that they only buzz when they are used in conjunction with each other.
Its very odd.
Does the amp buzz with your guitar pluged in, or does it just buzz no matter what?

Typically a buzzing problem is caused by an improper ground, weather it be in the guitar or the amp, but usually if your amp isent grounded alot of things tend to go wrong other than buzzing.

When you say it keeps buzzing with another amp, that makes me thing grounding issues, see if you can get into the cavity of your guitar and look for either a black or green wire going to the bridge or the trem. It should be soddered onto bridge, or some solid mounting point, or it can be soddered to the output jack. If the sodder is broken then thats your problem right there, just sodder it back and things should be all good.
OK, let me clarify it further.
The buzz is only present when my entire rig is setup, all the wires, all the pedals.
There is absolutely no buzzing when it is just one pedal or no pedals at all.
But I've tried all the wires individually, so I have no idea what it could be.
Are you perhaps running them off a single power supply which isn't handling the power consumption adequately?
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^ this, when you run too many pedals without enough power it will tend to buzz, but, using more pedals will distorte your tone and give undesired effects. I never like to use more than 4 pedals in one chain.

Either that or you just have a bad patch cable, it happens, even to professionals. Replace all your patch cables and see if it goes away. There like $3 each.
You know, I did not even suspect the powerboard.
And i have tested all the patch cables directly between the guitar and the amp, so i have ruled out those as being the problem.
I will see what I can do about testing the powerboard.