This is my one man project I've been working on. It's death metal with a bit of black metal influence as well. Also my first time programming drums and recording on my own. Any feedback is welcome.
(The mp3 quality is better on my UG page then on the myspace page.)
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Great singing!

Listening to Worlds Within, the first minute or so strike me as just a tad unintresting - while there´s things happening, it somehow just doesn´t feel coherent enough to catch one´s attention.

The choir could have been excecuted bettwer, but the idea comes across.

The second minute feels much more intresting, however, I think some more dynamics in the drums could really help the song. Especially the "folkish" natural minor riff I feel would be brought forward by a simpler accopmiament - double pedal background + snare on the 2nd beat, or just something not blastbeat.

The Way of the Wanderer-

the opening riff is great, nice transition to verse as well. The choir again could have been done better, nice contrast with the growl though. Good flow in the next part, and great touch with the "breakish" part or w/e (2:22). Gets a bit repetitive until the song comes in again though, nothing extreme but it just doesn´t hold your attention.

The break + solo are well-placed and well-written, but it somehow feels like the part before it doesn´t prepare enough for the break - it feels more like the song is ending, rather than that a break is coming.

Towards the end, things get a tad repetitive again. Great ending though.

Overall, I think you could use some more dynamic/variation in the drums (although it´s understandable since it´s your first time programming drums), and more variation structurewise. The individual parts of your songs are great and well-written, but as a whole they get repetitive or unintresting at times.

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Thanks for taking the time to listen and review my songs. Way of the Wanderer was a bit of a different song for me compared to most of my other material. I can see why it could be considered repetitive and/or drawn out. That was kind of on purpose though I must admit. That song was more "melodic doom" influenced compared to some of the more straight forward aggressive death metal I usually play. I pretty much wanted it to be a long song since most of my songs are around the 3-4 minute mark.
As for Worlds Within. The "chorus part" was kind of a weird thing for me. Originally I had more of a screaming black metal style of vocals there, but later got the idea to try something more unusual. Clean vocals a a new thing for me also. I'm definitely working on making my drum programming more complex. Writing the drums is certainly my least favorite part of the process. Thanks much for the feedback!