I had this song on my profile for a while, but i put up a new mix (hence the title Demon [New Mix]) haha but yeah everything is a lot clearer now i'd say it sounds a bit better. check it out lemme know what you think whether you like it or not, any feedback is cool with me

as always... c4c
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That's really cool man!!! It sounds like BTBAM and Misery Signals if they were moshed up together. Keep it up man and thanks for the crit!
Its pretty good. I would suggest that you put some more bass on the guitar, especially the rhythm guitar. Also, up the volume on the guitar tracks as well. They seem to be getting buried under the drum track for some reason. I am really liking the leads though. I love the tone, just more volume is needed. Your vocals are pretty good as well, especially your clean voice.
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Not crazy about the drums, what did you use for that? It's much too "machine gun", the snare/tom fill at the start sounds ridiculous (about 0:07).

Solid riffs, nice leads and good vocals. I'd recommend sticking to your straight voice though, for some reason the growling doesn't really feel convincing...

As for the mix, I don't quite like panning that wide but it works OK. Otherwise you have nice separation, I'm just missing a little touch of mids.
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I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great song, I love your lead work. The rhythm guitar is a bit bassy and gets drowned out a bit though (unless thats just a very bassy bass), might need a bit more mids to cut through more. The keyboard stuff added a lot to the atmosphere. Lets see.... Good structure, good clean vocals. Growls were okay, but I liked it more when you screamed. You've got great chops.

I think really the only think you could work on is recording/mixing/mastering.
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That's really cool man!!! It sounds like BTBAM and Misery Signals if they were moshed up together. Keep it up man and thanks for the clit massage!!
thanks for all your critiques... now to answer--
the drums are just converted MIDI files. i used hamienet.com's midi-mp3 converter so yeah... they dont sound great, im kinda bummed about that but i dont really know enough about mixing to make them sound better haha
anyway, yeah im not too happy with the growls either, i plan on re-recording them when i get home in a few weeks so ill re post with an update if i get anything that sounds better!
Write the music you want to hear.
That's a really good piece there, even though I am not fond of that style of Metal, I still think it is very good. I love your arrangement. Great work.