a 1983 Marshall JCM 800 112 combo?

I found one for sale and the guy says 1000 usd but that seems a bit high, i was thinking somewhere around 850 to 900, how much do you think its worth?
Take the condition into consideration. If it's in really good cosmetic condition, then it might be a decent deal. But if not, then I agree with you.
its in fine, its got your average amount of wear and tear for an old amp and inside its good, I did think of that, but tis a stock speaker and average amount of wear and tear, I though 900 was plenty for it, I could be wrong though, neither of use really knew what to charge, i don't want to totally lowball him, but I also want a decent deal
if you look hard you can find them for 550-700 I say wait.
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if you look hard you can find them for 550-700 I say wait.


I've been looking for a while and the cheapest JCM 800 I've ever seen was 850, of any year
where could I find one this cheap, my CL isn't so great, I have one shop that carries good used stuff, but its all over priced and I found this one on TGP, I haven't seen a better deal on one, so any suggestions where to find it?