Well my main goal is to crank my 5 watt tube amp and get some awesome JJ powertube distortion

But doing so results in a very loud amplifier and i live in a place where doing that is next to impossible

So i thought about isolation, now my attempt here is to

Build a cabinet that is isolated to lower the decibel count to my ears


Build a cab that gives out less volume

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I'm usually on the UG Chat under the name of "claude" so if you can help that would be great
Attenuator might work better, soundproofing where you play. As far as making a quiet good sounding cab....I have no idea.
An isolated cab, well first i would make a cab that is way to big for the speaker and that is open backed. Also over the font a speaker put a wooden baord with a slit cut into it an 2 inch's or so.
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