I'm looking to change from silver hardware to gold on my Tokai LP Copy. How would I go about doing this? Is there anything in particular I need to look out for? Is it hard, or is it a simple couple hour job?
..and pickup covers, are they hard to change? Or is it a slip on slip off kinda job?
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Well the bridge is easy to change along with the volume and tone knobs. All I know about the pickups is that they screwed on and I think even solderd.
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you want to make sure they're the right size (obviously enough). Some companies use metric, some use imperial, measurements.

pickup covers is harder, you have to solder them on, i believe, and wax pot them. if you're not that fussed on the stock pickups it'd probably be easier to just buy new, better pickups which already have the gold covers installed.
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Try gfs stuff(guitarfetish.com)

I'm doing the same thing with my les Paul
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