Hey everybody! I'm looking into buying a tube amp, cuz my solid state just isn't cutting it anymore. I do a lot of home recording, so i want something that can get to the sweet spots without cranking it and pissing off my neighbors. I play a little bit of everything, from Yellowjackets to Incubus to Dream Theater, so I need something versatile that takes pedals well. I've also been getting into a lot of jazz playing, so i'd like it to have that "jazz clean", ya know?

I don't really want to spend more than 1000, preferably like 700 or 800.

Right now I've been looking at the Fender Blues Junior NOS, because the cleans are fantastic, but i don't really know how well it takes pedals. Then the other one i'm looking at is the Orange Tiny Terror. I haven't gotten to try this one out yet, but i've seen a lot of reviews and demos on Youtube and i really like the more overdriven tones, but i haven't heard much of the cleans.

Any suggestions?
A Mesa Mark IV if you can find one used in your area.
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