Since they lock everything over in Recording (the main reason I stopped using this site for over a year), I guess I'll post it here and give it one more chance.

I recently purchased this for recording onto my PC. I have contacted the Behringer company directly with my issue, yet they have failed to respond. It has been several weeks. I feel as if they are ignoring it. Regardless, here is my exact issue word for word that I asked Behringer about regarding the UCG102:

"I'm running an HP Pavilion dv6000 with Windows 7 Ultimate. Upon installing the UCG102 software according to the manual in step 2.1, the "ASIO-USB Control Panel" cannot be found. I have also looked under the suggested heading of "ASIO Config." I ran the initial Setup.exe and followed the instructions exactly. It asks to reboot the computer to complete the setup and when I do this, my computer fails to completely restart. It turns off and turns back on, but it never reaches a log-in screen or any screen for that matter. At this point I must forcefully shut it down and start it manually. When reaching the desktop I look for the aforementioned Control Panel for the Behringer device as pictured in the manual and it is nonexistent. Now, I have tried this about 15 times already. I've only had this device for 3 days. The manual is extremely vague when it comes to particulars. When rebooting I also left the USB guitar link attached to the computer and the CD in the drive. When that didn't work I tried removing the CD and leaving the USB attached and then restarting only to find that did not work either. I then tried it the other way around, leaving the CD in the drive and removing the USB, but that did nothing either. The only way my computer fully restarted from the installation was if I removed both the Guitar Link USB and the CD from the drive, even still it did not install the ASIO Audio Driver. The last step in the installation simply states "Restart your computer after the installation has finished." So my best guess is that both the CD and USB are supposed to remain connected. However, when I re-attach the Guitar Link USB it re-installs the driver every time as if it were never installed to begin with. Am I missing an important step? Or is the Guitar Link UCG102 incompatible with Windows 7?

Thank you."

I do not have anything to add to it. That is simply my issue with it and I'm looking to get it resolved. Any help would be appreciated.

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"Ultimate"-Guitar is the worst website on the internet. Polluted with unintelligent mongoloids.