I want to get an acoustic in the budget range, so max 200 for me. Playability and tone are of course two major factors. So, suggest!
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playbility and tone - a max of $200? ouch! maybe best to go used. i've tried many and the only decent $200 new guitar i know of is the yamaha fg700. you might also try the all-laminate yamaha F335 and the low end alvarezes as they have better build quality and sound compared to the popular cheap guitar guitars - ibanez, epiphone, ovation and dean in your price range aren't the ones to get if tone is important to you. also fender isn't the best for tone, although some feel good when you play 'em. can't compare with the yamaha, though.
THINK!!!!..LA PATRIE..exellent guitars at a good price...there i was in the streets , no one to help but my ETUDE..resonably priced exellent craftmanship