So ive been trying to play stuff like this
(which is a beautifull piece of music you should fully listen to)
and i can keep it up till the intro part is over

another example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkpZ645ztl0
(I wont be taking it this far yet

Anyway, does anyone have experience with this?

Ty in advance dear chums!
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So what's your question?
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Quote by Koshman32
So what's your question?

How you can efficiently devellop your right hand technique for touch style playing
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touch style? tapping you mean?
Just tap the notes you want to. If you practice, you'll get better

Enough gain 'll do the trick. It's just practice...
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Oh you're good.
play an arpeggio that alternates between your two hands like


and start with your two index fingers, then your middle, then ring, and then pinky,, oh and thumb too haha
Heroes of sand by Angra is another good piece to get a handle on it. Try that first. It's actually not that hard.
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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Ok ty for the replies! sorry i forgot about the thread

and i didnt think it was necesarry to say INB4 fap, but wadaya know >: (
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