This a crappy cover of Ocean by John Butler trio. I did this all in one take, but I improved just about the entire thing, so some things worked others didn't. THis is my first recording so be gentle. And I know I messed up A LOT and had a lot of random tempo slow downs some were purposeful others not so much...
be gentle =)

Crit for crit
I smile because I have no idea whats goin on
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It's definitely a song worth learning. You've obviously got some strength in your hands for the tapping to be so clear. One important thing about this song is it'll never sound right on a 6-string. You can buy a 12-string mod pedal but it doesn't really sound right either. Also, if you aren't already working off the guitar pro version of this tab I suggest you do, that might help with the tempo because you can slow it down to various speeds. If you improve you might also realize John Butler's dream of sitting on the dirty ground busking for change playing this song and waiting to get famous. Anyway, I'd suggest you keep at it til you get it 100%. Shouldn't take too much longer, and it's probably one of the most impressive songs to play for people.