I was wondering, just out of curiousity (because I know absolutely nothing about what soundguys do)...how difficult is it to set the levels for a band such as Nirvana?

Screaming and regular singing. Really quiet parts in the songs and really LOUD parts in the songs. How does a sound guy level the vocals in relation to the drums and guitars? Let's use a trio group as an example.
Depends how you guys like to hear your sound through the monitors. Drums and vocals are most important for most regular bands because they keep rhythm and tell you which part of the song you're on. Guitars and bass are second to everything else.
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^^ I think he means how you keep the level of each constant, like, between different types of singing, etc.

I think the singer/guitar player/drummer/etc manages by just playing or singing louder, they don't really rely on the soundguy to do it for them.
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The vocals will be set to a certain level above the really loud parts of the songs and just stay at that level. With bands like Nirvana Kurt sang softer and louder depending on the part of the song.
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for a band like nirvana it would be really really easy. trios are simple. first off, make sure the the singer can hear himself sing. next, make sure the rest of the band can hear the singer. next make sure each player can hear them selves play.
the FOH mix is really easy, its not hard to make everything audible in a trio.
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i know with us, once we get our singer above the mix just a tad, he can figure out where to put his mic, if hes letting out a scream he pulls the mic back so its not too overpowering, if hes doing a singing verse its closer to him. really monitor wise all i have is drums, same with our bassist, but the singer has the whole band mixed in do he can hear everything, take some classes on it, you can actually learn alot on how to make horrible things sound good or be able to set up a show anywhere and have it sound crystal clear
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Yup. A lot of it is mic technique. Good mic technique can make a sound engineers job so much easier cos they dont need to ride the faders to keep the level constant.
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