I fell ****ing horrible guys. I'll give you the whole story. I've never been the "In Shape" guy. I'm 6'1 or 6'2(Not sure), and about 240 pounds. Im in terrible shape, and I've been looking into it. Although that sucks, it's not the whole reason Im depressed. Although it may come as a shock to you, I've never had a "real" girlfriend. Got to second base a couple times, but I never called them again. Here's where the depression part kicks in. I've asked a few girls out this year(Still in High School), and all of them have said no. There's this girl(We'll call her Ann). Now Ann and I have been friends all this year, and we have a shit-ton in common. She's comletely beautiful, and I think I might be in love with her. The only problem is, I can't bring myself to tell her, or anybody else for that matter, that I do. She has a boyfriend, who's in a lot better shape then me, and she's told me on many occasions that they **** all time. Lately I've been contemplating suicide, and I'm starting to daydream in class that I do kill myself. It's starting to become a problem. A good amount of times I cry myself to sleep. I just don't wanna live anymore, pit. And I don't think people around me would care if I did. I've even told my parents that I think I'm depressed, and they laughed at me, thinking I would be fine. Im not. Please help guys, cause I just wanna die right now.
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So my band recently played our first gig, and it actually went great. There was only one problem though....
My band is pissed at me now for wearing a banana costume while I performed.

This isn't the place to talk about your depression or suicidal thoughts. Talk to your family. I really don't think they'll laugh at you. Talk to your counselor at at school if you need to.