hey guys

can anyone tell me which is the superior 7 string for the money out of

Ibanez RG7321


Cort EVL-Z47

any experiences with either would be greatly appreciated


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I've had some experience with the Rg7321:
I've played it in the guitar center and so far its the only guitar i tried (im looking for a new one too) that like instantly fell in my hands. i think it feels great. the only bad thing are the pups, but my guitar teacher changed them and he has a lot of nice guitar and now also uses the rg7321. Its nice and simple, good quality/price, though the pick ups arent that good.
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ibanez brought the 7 string to the masses all other companies jumped on the bandwagon, particularly schecter and cort.

ibanez are widely known to improve on their existing designs(even if it`s just a miniscule change) every year.

go and play both guitars for several hours then make your mind up.
Mahagony vs basswood. Ok EMG-HZ pickups vs rather awful Ibanez stock pickups. 22 frets vs 24 frets. Slightly fatter than really thin neck vs usual Ibanez neck. Cort vs Ibanez. Make your choice.
My opinion: if you can find a dealer for the Cort, absolutely go with it! Cort are great guitars all around. RG7321 in particular is just meh, looks and feels much cheaper than it costs. It may sound ok after a pickup change, but it really is a low-class Ibanez guitar and just that, you cannot change it. I was to decide between those two guitars myself, but I couldn't find a dealer for Cort. In the end, not willing to compromise, I decided to shell out some more money (hey, you only live once!) and bought a S 7320. Seriously, get the Cort if you can, and if you can't - save up for a mid-class Ibanez or an Agile, don't settle for the RG.
i have a 7 string ibanez gio thats got a seymour duncan invader in it i could sell for cheap. interested?