you may not have seen me
covered in your best friends
but trust me im here
maybe if im lucky
i might get that contact i deserve

oh ive been missin you since the day that i saw you
but you havnt even heard of me
on mondays im the class clown wishin for a glimpse
tuesday im the boy sobbin in the gentle mist
all ican ask is what do igotta do?

well it seems that u just saw me
but that ill never know 4 sure
because your boyfriends suckindown ur beautiful soul
never seen u smilin but ur the most popular girl in school
why i wish i was like you


ok so that was what i came up with
um yeah about 30 seconds of thought
iknow thats not a whole song but thats all i wanted to let out so thanx 4 readin it and let me know what you thought
im not expectin anything good
so tell the truth