So I've been singing my whole life. Except when I say that I mean singing to myself and not well. I really haven't cared too much about improving because I was really only singing for myself and it was mostly the physical action that I enjoyed. Recently, though, I've decided that since I'm singing so often I might as well get good at it; that just seems logical. However, I don't really have the money to spend on singing lessons. What are some great ways to teach myself how to sing better? All I could think of was singing into a metronome to try and hit notes and matching my pitch to a guitar/piano.
Lots of good info on five pages worth of a variety of topics, plus stickies, etc in this very subforum.

Have you tried searching for any of those specific things?

I mean, you've asked such a general question, you might as well just start reading this forum from the top and then ask something a little more specific once you figure out what you're looking for.

And, IMHO, you pretty much NEED direct instruction in order to learn how to sing *properly.*

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