Originally this was meant to be a violin concerto, but the material simply didn´t feel right for violin, so I changed it. This is the first movement of three (and the only one I´m done with).

I´m not all that happy with it, but then again it´s my first "real" classical piece for orchestra.

Anyway, feedback and critique are much welcome. Among my concerns with the piece is that the later half might feel too chopped up, and that the main theme might be a bit too "jumpy" or w/e. Also, in the kinda-side theme (1:37) during the development, I had a bit of trouble finding a chord progression I like.

The piece is in my profile, direct link:


EDIT: and as always, I forget the score! linky-tink(too big for UG): http://wikisend.com/download/687402/piano%20concerto.pdf

editedit: added what I´ve done on the 3rd movement of the same concerto to my profile if anyone care to take a listen, need to find a way to make the little side theme not sound cheesy ~~
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Wow, I mean, just wow...that's a lot of talent coming from an UGer, and from any person if that matters.

You sir, are a winner.
Thanks for the kind words everyone!

Yeah, I write in Sibelius and use Miroslav Philharmonik for strings/other orchestra and TruePianos for piano. Though I usually use pen and paper for "non-notational" sketches.
This is amazing for a UG, like I wasn't expecting this at all. Very, very well done. The orchestration feels a bit thin, though that may just be because it was done with VST instruments. It seems the way that it was written that if it was done with a full orchestra it would come off better.

This has a neo-romantic sound to it. Not quite Rachmaninoff, but in the general tone. I really like the pizzicato in the strings, really adds to the atmosphere. I don't think the melody jumps around at all, it sounds perfect. My only real complaint is that the piano writing is a bit meh. I feel you could do a bit more with the harmony besides arpeggios and block chords. I mean, it sounds fine, but it has more potential, that's all.

Now that you've established this nice first movement, I would expect the second to be faster, maybe heavier texture-wise. You could maybe throw in some major sections instead of having it be all Russian-depressive, though that happens to be one of my favorite styles :P

Crit mine? It's much more "modern" sounding, and it feels like a rock piece, but I developed it like a free form classical piece. It's a guitar duet: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1231321
Yeah, the left hand piano is more like re-arrangement of other instruments material currently, since it was for violin solist originally. I´m currently working on improving that.

Actually the 2nd movement will be a very slow, mellow, but major Largo, while the third movement will be a thundering Moderato "lamentoso e pesante"

Listened to your song, damn, that´s some crazy stuff (in a very cool way)! Will crit tomorrow - 00:15 here right now. Will get to your song as well, chasepalmer, sorry for the delay.
I often TRY to write stuff like this.
I always fail MISERABLY.

Props to you, it sounds AWESOME. You're way too hard on yourself in your first post. Sounds great!

When everything comes in at around 2:08 i was just like "WOW"

Honestly, I cannot fault the compositional side of things. The only thing that holds this piece back is strings obviously being computer generated. I don't know what your budget is like, but EastWest do some great VSTs that are pretty much indistinguishable from the real instruments if you have a couple of hundred pounds to spend (personally I can't even afford theory lessons, let alone that kind of stuff!)

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1230023